Episode 1: Black Dog

So today the first episode of my Vampire: The Masquerade thriller “No Man Is An Island” is out as an improvised audio drama starring Red Moon Roleplaying and Anna-Karin Linder.  

It’s my debut at running a RPG session for broadcast.

Well, almost…

Like any child of 70’s and early 80’s Sweden, my dose of fantastic audiovisual media came less from glitchy pirate copies of Thundercats or Gundam and more from from Swedish Radio’s various amazing radio dramatizations of CS Lewis, Tolkien, Enid Blyton, LLoyd Alexander and other early greats.

The unforgettable Swedish audiobook version of Star Wars aslo bear mentioning. R2D2’s beep told you when it was time to turn the page.

So anyways, it might not have been a too strange idea that the Drakar & Demoner – sessions I ran with my group would make for good listening to someone, right? I tried recorded my first trpg actual plays as GM in 1987 or so on a series of 5 C90 tapes on a portable cassette radio.

It stank. My voice was embarrassing, I hesitated too much, my acting was flat and annoying, my descriptions incoherent and everyone talking in each others mouths, and there was that one player that insisted on talking about school or the Björklöven game that weekend. I hope they are lost forever.

Full of teen certainty and pride I wrote off Roleplaying for radio, and with it concluded ALL MEDIALIZATION OF ROLEPLAYING IS UTTER SHITE and absolutely not that my GM’ing and group were a bit shite.  

Truth is we sucked so hard I never did another try. Until now that is. Hope my skills have improved somewhat.

I think Red Moon has again transcended their genre, and created something that runs more like the high production Swedish radio dramas that ran on sunny afternoons throughout the endless early 80’s summers. If significantly less child friendly.

First part has a lot of me talking but that kinda comes with the territory of running the intro as a police manhunt set smack in the middle of the G20 London summit protests. The players take way more space as the plot, and the blood, thickens in later episodes.

Just like in audio drama, music without lyrics plays a huge part in crafting a Tabletop Roleplaying mood and drive. Even if these sessions are recorded without a live soundtrack I always Imagined I was running it to Lola Zaza’s Vampire tracks. And that’s exactly what you will get, thanks to Red Mood getting thumbs up from Paradox to use the music from the discontinued Vampire visual novel.

I hope we’ll be able to commission Ossian and Zaza for some new tracks for a possible maybe season 2.

So please take a moment, put your Walkman headphones on, and enjoy an hour with me in a world under a Red Moon, where the shadows are longer and no one is safe.

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